Hot Wheels Race Off

Free Hot Wheels
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  • Version1.1.11273
  • LanguageEnglish
  • DeveloperHutch Games Ltd

Download Hot Wheels Race Off. This app is in the Action Games category and for iPhone users. You can install it for free on your mobile device.

Hot Wheels: Race Off
Everything you like about hot Wheels delivered to life in an extremely good racing recreation:
- RACE 25+ hot Wheels motors across 50+ insane physics racing tracks
- BLAST OFF of boosters, loops, and jumps to stunt on the iconic warm Wheels orange song
- Upgrade AND build YOUR collection of hot Wheels automobiles
- Undertaking YOUR friends and the sector in aggressive multi-participant mode
Hot Wheels: Race Off is pure adrenaline certain to get your heart racing. Download the fine unfastened racing game today!

We'll never cross Hot Wheels, but this action-packed racer is more than just children's stuff. The classic orange traces are filled with physics-based challenges that reward talented driving with remarkable movements. The only thing cooler than pulling out epic guys is to unlock a new car that has been beautifully elaborated. Download now!

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